Mick Di Betta and Kelly Margetts

Mike Di Betta will make you faster. For nearly two decades, Mick has been turning ocean athletes of all disciplines into champions. However, after a lifetime of developing the individual, Di Betta is now focusing on the craft.

In early 2009, Mick launched Lahui Kai, the first Australian Paddleboard Company to focus on distance paddleboards. With their unique combination of training and design, Di Betta and his elite team of paddlers are changing the way people look at recreational and competitive paddling on a global level.

The performance of the Lahui Kai team and their equipment has had a changed everything from training to board design. Lahui Kai continues to be an innovative brand in the field of SUP touring and race boards, continually refining shapes, technology and sport specific training ideology.

What does Lahui Kai mean?

Lahui Рmeans nation, tribe, or group of people alike.  Our brand represents the likeness between people who paddle regardless of their discipline, (stand up, kneeling, or prone).

Kai – simply means sea or ocean

Lahui Kai – together the brand name Lahui Kai was created to combine and represent a variety of ocean paddlers.